Wiz Khalifa Shows off Hazy “Rolling Papers II” Album Cover Art

Wiz Khalifa Shows off Hazy "Rolling Papers II" Album Cover Art
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Wiz Khalifa Shows off Hazy "Rolling Papers II" Album Cover Art

Wiz Khalifa Shows off Hazy “Rolling Papers II” Album Cover Art

Wiz Khalifa’s “Rolling Papers II” releases this Friday.

Since last year, Wiz Khalifa has been teasing fans with the eventual arrival of his Rolling Papers sequel and finally, it’s almost upon us. As we patiently wait for July 13, Wiz has been taking to his social media accounts to share details about the project. While it was initially unclear whether or not his title would be Khalifa Kush or Rolling Papers II, he opted for the latter in April. The release date was given to us on 4/20 (of course…) and with guest features already being revealed, one of the last bits of information fans were clamoring for was the album artwork. Fear no more as Wiz has come through with the photo that will grace all major streaming platforms in no time.

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In line with many of his past album covers, Rolling Papers II shows an image of Wiz’s face as he rocks some colorful chains. Much like the original RP cover, there is a green tint to the artwork and, of course, smoke heading towards the top of the photo. Would a Wiz Khalifa album really exist without at least one mention of weed in the title or cover?

Hitting digital stores in just a few days, Wiz’s follow-up to the acclaimed Rolling Papers has been anticipated for years and is bound to sell pretty well in its first week. As always, make sure to keep it locked here as for any updates on the album.


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