Tumi Morake Does Something Crazy For AKA

Tumi Morake does something crazy for AKA

Tumi Morake Does Something Crazy For AKA

It’s been a wild few weeks leading up to the drop of AKA‘s Touch My Blood and it seems like Tumi Morake has decided to join in on the madness.ย Tumi Morake Does Something Crazy For AKA

Tumi’s beef with Bonang’s fans is no secret, especially after they practically dictated to her that she shouldn’t be a part of her show. So, it was not really a surprise that the comedian had AKA on her show very swiftly after the Bonang situation never happened. To show her appreciation to the Supa Mega for showing up, she pledged allegiance to the Megacy in the most Tumi way possible.

A nod to AKA’s lyric on Beyonce which speaks about how he had to wait 2 years to see his ex-lover with a weave off. It’s a lot. It’s crazy that B’s name is still thrown into the mix, but then again we guess what Ntsiki Mazwai said wasn’t too off.


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